Infographics are an effective way to communicate complex procedures, systems, and applications with clarity and understanding. Stroud Design evaluates the information to be communicated, visualizes the result, refines the process, and executes the solution. Let us design a solution for you!

ThyssenKrupp infographic used to illustrate the areas where they manufacture products for smart building technology.

Animated ThyssenKrupp smart building technology

The Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area visitor map.

Hackberry Flat Wildlife Management Area visitor map

Infographics developed for Corken and IDEX illustrating the distribution of energy from various energy sources (such as coal, wind, nuclear, solar, oil, and gas) by different transportation methods.

IDEX and Corken downstream energy process map
Corken upstream oil and gas process map

Infographic for Innovative Capital Management illustrating how negative and positive social interaction has a ripple effect on those affected as a result of the originating attitude.

Innovative Capital Management negative and positive ripple effect

Oklahoma City Metro Transit bus route map.

Oklahoma City Metro Transit bus route map

Infographics designed for ARINC capabilities literature designed to show customer problem solving and implementation of provided solutions.

ARINC checklist
ARINC checklist
ARINC checklist